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Crypto Guru Live on Engrave !!

Hello Hivers !

Finally setuping my website powered by hive on Engrave.I want to run a site to share my crypto knowledge and information with everyone who interested in crypto. Finally I made some time and setup this site.

I will share about latest projects I dig in the crypto field and investment opportunities. I am really happy that setting up a blog became super easy and I am still learning more about this platform. I need help from team to know how to delete a blog and how to add the domain I bought using hive. I messaged them in discord but no response yet.

I am very much happy becaue I used hive for the payment to buy domain !! which means using hive drectlyy for payments. Hive dont have transfer fee which makes easy for both payer and receiever. There is no hassle. I made payment and waiting for the domain. Hope everything goes ggreat and this will be a good opportunity for starting some thing big and I hope you all support me. Thank you every one.

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